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Shelby Gibson’s First All The Way XXX Sex

Shelby Gibson’s First All The Way XXX Sex

Shelby Gibson's 1st All The Way XXX Sex

SCORE reader’s wife (and a fan herself) Shelby Gibson makes her long-awaited comeback after a three year absence to whole her fantasy: a full-sex, all-the-way, XXX scene, banging her prefered porn stud JMac, the people’s partiality.

When Dave announced on the SCORELAND Blog that he had just interviewed Shelby, the comment section exploded, proving that Team SCORE wasn’t alone in hoping and wishing that Shelby would ultimately return to do that XXX shag that babe fantasized about and spoken about after this babe and JMac did a Boobies & Tugs scene in 2015.

Shelby discussed her reaction to seeing her earlier discharges. She’ll be feeling the same way, maybe even hornier, when this babe watches this scene.

“I watched them by myself and with my husband. My partner was right there when we did the discharge, which made it even hotter. It was hot, made me lustful! Made me fun myself. We’ve watched the Mambos & Tugs scene over thirty times.

“When I check out it with boyfriend, he goes nuts. He receives super-horny and so do I. He can not look at my videos alone with out shooting his goo. We’ve had sex many times watching it. It is a real turn-on. My 1st scenes have given me more confidence and allowed me to let go more. Having outstanding sex with JMac at SCORE was one of my top 3 erotic experiences.”

SCORELAND: Shooting the pics and shooting the episode are different experiences. Do u detect one as well as the other experiences equally pleasant or do you identify one more thrilling than the other?

Shelby: You’re right, they’re a bit different. On one hand the pics are tougher coz we need to keep stopping the action and pose. But, on the other hand, it is wonderful doing the pictures 1st because it lets us ease into it and acquire used to each other. It truly acquires me even more in the mood. The photos are gripping cuz it is the first time we got to engulf and fuck. But the video is exciting because we do not need to prevent. In fact, we kept rogering even when the digi camera wasn’t rolling! Several times, the photographer indeed left the room but we kept going coz we were having so much fun! That chap would come back in the room and say, “Wow, u two are really into it!” We were!

SCORELAND: Did u specifically ask JMac to do anything u had been thinking about?

Shelby: Yes, I asked him to kiss me. It makes me hornier for him. And I asked him to lick my pussy. This chab made me cum a few times last time and I wanted that afresh. So that man did it to me again and made me so soaked that I didn’t need any lube to fuck him. Oh my God, it was hot!

SCORELAND: Dave’s first blog posting about talking to u attracted over 60 comments. What was your 1st reaction to that?

Shelby: Yep, it got to 66 comments! I could not make no doubt of it! I still can not believe it! I guess of myself as just a SCORE reader’s wife having naughty enjoyment. I’m not a competent adult model so it is even more flattering to know that I’ve so many fans. I hope that they adore my recent sets and let’s know that they wanna see more. I started an Instagram account, ShelbyGibson34HH.

Watch More of Shelby Gibson at SCORELAND.COM!

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Lexi Jiggles, Wiggles & Wriggles

Lexi Jiggles, Wiggles & Wriggles

Lexi Jiggles, Wiggles & Wriggles

Dancer Lexi Slade jiggles. Lexi wiggles. This babe wriggles, writhes and shakes. She twerks her gazoo in slow motion whilst wearing her constricted Latex shorts with a zipper on the back. This babe twerks anew in her knicker briefs, also in slow motion. Lexi bounces her large juggs in her beneath garment and they fly without her cups, afresh in slow motion. Those funbags are capped by bigger than standard, prominent areolae. This babe has a flirty, hot voice.

Lexi’s outfit winds up on the floor after her grinding and gyrating. She lies back on soft pillows in a fuck-me position so she can rub out a cum, staring at u and sticking her fingers deep into her pink.

“I wasn’t the bustiest goddess growing up cuz I was not the largest,” said Lexi who is a petite 5’3″. “I had the largest marangos for my tiny frame.”

Lexi was encouraged by Korina Kova to connect with SCORE. She’s into cosplay and she’s likewise getting into ASMR episodes, a kind of far-out relaxation movie scene in which the model whispers, smacks her lips and makes other low-key sounds that tingle the back of the neck and the spine.

Watch More of Lexi Slade at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!

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Korina Kova: Exclusive Chat

Korina Kova: Exclusive Chat

Korina Kova: Exclusive Chat

Doing unsurpassable justice to her SCORE tank-top, Korina Kova chats with the studio manager and clues us in about her interests and background.

Tune-in and turn-on.

The dark brown stunner started by entering a luscious T-shirt contest, and the effect that babe had on the population of Canada busted the applause meters. One thing led to another and now she’s taking the world by storm. Some modern-day Michelangelo Buonarroti should sculpt a marble statue of her, although from what we have heard, a company called Real Love Sex Doll in Texas is producing a Korina Kova life-sized replica.

See More of Korina Kova at SCORELAND.COM!

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Classy Katia does two young studs

Classy Katia does 2 young bucks

Classy Katia does two youthful studs

In this scene, 63-year-old Katia, one of our most-popular grannies ever, sucks and shags 2 young dudes. When the scene opens, she’s standing in front of a mirror, making sure this babe looks great. This babe likewise does. This babe is wearing short shorts, smth almost any vixens her age wouldn’t dare wear.

Well, the 2 boyz who are working in her house begin talking about Katia, maybe tag-teaming her, and that babe overhears them.

“I think that is a great idea,” that babe says. “Why don’t we go inside?”

Katia has 2 children and six grandchildren, and none of them know this babe is here, doing this for all the world to watch. She’s purely an dilettante when it comes to fucking on-camera. She’s done it only for us, and yet she fucks adore a skilled.

“I’m getting even more killer,” Katia said. “I feel better. I feel sexy in my body. I do what I please.”

That is for sure!

60PlusMILFs: You once told us that your erotic dream was a four-man group-sex. Has it happened?
Katia: Not yet. I am still envisaging. Having sex with two dudes adore I am here is about the closest I have come.
60PlusMILFs: What are you contemplating for?
Katia: Y’all! U need to make this happen for me!
60PlusMILFs: Well, I am sure you could arrange it for yourself just by asking. How do you envision this four-man a team fuck happening?
Katia: I would probably give them blow jobs. One is mouthing my fun bags. Some other one is fucking my cum-hole or my gazoo.
60PlusMILFs: U love ace bonk?
Katia: It depends on the size. When I was here in 2009, you gave me a huge one. He must’ve been 12 inches!
60PlusMILFs: What do you adore about giving blow jobs?
Katia: I adore the way it feels in my mouth and the way the smooth operator feels when I’m giving it to him. I love the sensation of the skirt chaser cumming in my mouth. That is why I love blow jobs.

Watch More of Katia at 60PLUSMILFS.COM!

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Avalon’s Outdoor Sex

Avalon’s Outdoor Sex

Avalon's Outdoor Sex

Creamy, fair-skinned redhead Avalon has a real nature-girl look about her, so getting rogered in a woodsy, secluded spot out side was a consummate fit. There is a real couples erotic feel to the sex rather than hard-driving porn sex, and the way it’s filmed adds to that impression. Coz of that, it feels like we’re peeping on a couple we’ve spotted screwing in a park.

Avalon chimed in on this. “Many of my episodes are made out in nature. Although they’re technically public, they are filmed in private, discreet locations. I would not feel comfortable if there were other people around. So I guess it could be called private public?

“I one time had sex high up in a tree. I was honestly afraid that we would the one and the other fall out and be discovered in the morning by some poor, innocent grandmother, stripped and in a compromising position.”

We’ve heard of tree huggers previous to but what Avalon and her friend did took it to a higher level.

What kind of foreplay does Avalon have enjoyment?

“Is getting showered with money still an option? I suppose having it rain will put almost all people in the mood. I also have fun giving lap dances and stripteases.”

Watch More of Avalon at XLGIRLS.COM!

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Korina Kova’s Bounce House

Korina Kova’s Bounce Abode

Korina Kova's Bounce House

The unbelievably hot Korina Kova is here to short-circuit the neural pathways in your brain. We 1st watch Korina throughout the living room windows strolling outdoors. That babe sees you and presses her astonishing chest against the window. That is all it takes. You’re hooked.

Korina joins you in the living room and turns the place into a bounce abode, a boob bounce house, some of it in slow motion. Can you handle her? Korina’s a entire lotta female, a wonder lady with mountainous mangos and a breathtaking ass, a gracious face and curvacious legs and feet. Tons of gals wear Wonder Woman costumes. Korina would be the ultimate Wonder Lady. Anything this babe does is subrigid cock producing.

Korina removes her top and constricted miniskirt in a unveil of topmost teasing, sweet titillation during the time that that babe makes hawt fuck-me talk in her purring, kittenish voice, and eye-bangs u. She’s brought along a friend called B.O.B. There’s no must be jealous, B.O.B. is only a little purple fur pie pleaser.

Some angels have it all and Korina is one of them.

See More of Korina Kova at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!

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Nubiles - Antonella Perez

TeensAntonella Perez

Added On:

Nov 13, 2018


Receive a load of Antonella Perez, a sizzling sexy Venezuelan legal age teenager with a set of king-size home grown tits you’ll must watch to believe! This babe has mind blowing tan lines and a bonk me attitude that will leave you burning up to move on her slippery shaven cunt.

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Sammie & Jenny: The Oily Girls

Sammie & Jenny: The Oily Gals

Sammie & Jenny: The Oily Girls

XL Girls flashes back to the great legends Sammie Dark and Jenny Hill and their mindblowing wobblers and asses.

Sammie has much wider areolae during the time that Jenny’s are much darker. Not putting ’em jointly would have been a sin.

In this pictorial, Sammie and Jenny play with each other’s jumbo jugs, greasy oil their bodies, tussle on a gym mat and engulf on pleasing pops that drip all over their humongous chests.

Watch More of Jenny at XLGIRLS.COM!

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Amora Lee’s Big Bust After-party

Amora Lee’s Larger than run of the mill Bust After-party

Amora Lee's Bigger in size than typical Bust After-party

If Amora Lee didn’t have a ally who recommended this babe try adult modeling, this babe would not be here.

If Amora had gone ahead with the breast reduction this babe was thinking about, this babe would not be here.

If Amora hadn’t Googled “big-breasted glamour models,” she wouldn’t be here.

If Amora had changed her mind about sending nude snaps to a company called SCORE that this babe had by no means heard of previous to, that babe wouldn’t be here.

If Amora hadn’t gotten divorced, this babe probably wouldn’t be here.

That is plenty of ifs but u receive the point. Sometimes a recent, spectacular glamour model arrives ‘cuz of a random series of events that lead to SCORELAND.

What’s too beyond the capacity of the mind to comprehend is why Amora’s now ex-husband of 13 years was not a boob Lothario.

Amora’s ally asked her about her first time on-camera, and Amora told her, “Well, it’s a little without my norm. Well, no, it’s a lot without my norm, but I liked it.”

See More of Amora Lee at SCORELAND.COM!

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