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Scarlet LaVey – Curves Unlimited

Curves Unlimited

Curves Unlimited

Does Scarlet LaVey love coarse sex? “I love to have my hair pulled,” says Scarlet. “I adore being spanked. I like being choked sometimes. Nothing also, too nutty but I definitely like a little power.”

“I adore boyz to get a little aggressive with my mambos. Cuz they’re so big, they need beefy hands. I love a fine grip.” She digs her fingers into the front of her bouncy bosoms as an sample.

“I like using my boobies as weapons. I love to slap dudes in the face with them. That usually surprises ’em. But it not intend to hurt that bad.”

“I love teat biting. That’s probably one of my favorites. I can also bite my own teats,” says Scarlet, holding her tit between her teeth and pulling.

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