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Mia Bella – Hosed and Soaked

Hosed and Juicy

Hosed and Soaked

“I remember the first time that a lady-killer seized my feet in a sexual way. I was painfully demure when I was younger and that buck was one of my 1st boyfriends and an older lady-killer. I remember that we were at a fancy restaurant and I was wearing a hawt pair of sandals with skimpy, jeweled straps and very pointy heels. This buck just leaned over and told me to put my foot on his weenie. That lady-killer said it so frankly and abruptly that I was caught off guard, but I was instantly turned on. I fondelled on his weenie until that woman chaser came in his pants. I rubbed my vagina at the same time.”

“That first experience with shoes and feet and sex would open up a complete fresh world to me. After that, I could not receive sufficient leg sex. I’ve converted each petticoat chaser I have slept with into a foot boy. I cant stop giving foot jobs, and masturbating with my tights and nylons is a habitual thing for me. I love to rub my clitoris with my used socks. I just love the stink that merely ribald socks have. But I’ll admit that rogering myself with stiletto heels is my most-perverted indulgence.”

“Lately, I’ve been wearing my tights a hardly any times until they are ripe sufficient that I can smell my cunt when I open my legs. Then I call my favourite foot guy over and I wait for him, spreadeagle, right in front of my front door. When that smooth operator arrives, I instruct him to get on all fours and crawl to me. When this stud does, I push his face into my smelly gusset and hump it until I soak him throughout the fabric. Then I let him rip my tights off and shag me rock hard!”

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