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Sadie Kennedy – Copper Top Cutie

Copper Top Angel

Copper Top Cutie

Sadie is a nice angel with a wild side.
This babe considers her almost any pleasure job being a nanny, and this babe likes crafting. This babe plays the harp and receives bendy with yoga. “But I too adore being fastened up and screwed senseless!” she said us. “I’m too into three-ways. I had one one time outside on the hood of a bright orange Chevelle. We had to be careful not to dent it!”

Would your friends be surprised that u have such a naughty side?
“Not actually. Almost all of them know that I’m bi-sexual and wild. It’s just that I’ve joy doing facile things, like stargazing and plan to a diner for a slice of pie. But I too love being a whore! I don’t watch why I can not be one as well as the other at the same time. I even told a not many friends that I was posing for your magazine, and they were adore, ‘We completely saw that coming.’ And certainly now everyone knows!”

Are u getting more attention now that you’re intend to be in our mag?
“Well I never truly had a problem getting attention from chaps or cuties, but maybe I’m getting a little more attention now. My sex life has been truly valuable. And I suppose it’s going to receive even more beautiful once I kick off screwing on-camera for everybody to see!”

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