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Sensual Jane – Triple Play

Triple Play

Triple Play

In a world where there are too hardly any hot vixens with bigger than average marangos and too many lewd bucks, there’re bound to be conflicts. In some cases, those conflicts can be resolved by the level-headed decisions of the hottie in question. In this case, the honey bunny is the ever-popular Fleshly Jane in her first SCORE trio.

Thomas and Neeo have one as well as the other shown up for a date with Jane. It is not a male bonding pont of time. Thomas wants Jane. Neeo desires Jane. Neeo tells Thomas to receive lost. Thomas tells Neeo to leave. This might have escalated to Neeo karate-chopping Thomas but the cooler head of Jane prevails. She comes out from behind the curtain love the Wizard of Milk shakes in her hot brassiere and briefs and invites one as well as the other males to share her bed.

In several seconds, the one and the other boyz have their pants off and are ready for action. Jane will teach ’em a fine lesson about cooperation and sharing. “Guys, u have to behave or otherwise u go,” says Jane, pointing her finger in the direction of the door adore a stern school administrator. U can screw Jane, just do not copulate with her. And we know how much Jane loves to fuck. Now this babe can double her joy.

So now it’s share and share alike. Sharing Jane’s fetching scoops, pro face hole and delectable fur pie. Which cock is plan to get Jane’s lips 1st? It doesn’t matter. Everybody will cum at the finish line.

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